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021rekn 250Last month, our avian team noticed a Red Knot on Keewaydin Island with a colored/numbered flag on its leg. Using a zoom lens, photos taken of the band and photo editing software made it possible to read "021" on the flag, and inquiries were made to determine the bird's origin. Research staff member Anne Mauro then learned the bird was banded in 2009 at Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge in Massachusetts.

021map 250

The bird was seen in South Carolina during spring migration, and in Massachusetts during fall migration. It was even seen at its breeding grounds in James, Bay Ontario, but this is the first time the bird has been reported in Florida. It is also the first time this bird had been reported since 2015, likely due to the extremely faded flag. No wonder: this bird has covered a lot of ground over the past nine years!  

021 250

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