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Acres of rejuvenated through prescribed burns


# of hatchlings that emerged through efforts of our Sea Turtle Program


% of Teachers on the Estuary educators that will integrate marine science into curriculum


% of coastal training participants that apply knowledge to workplace

Working together to protect a unique environment

We see Rookery Bay protected forever—a working landscape, where people, industry, and nature thrive together. As one of the last remaining undisturbed mangrove estuaries in North America, Rookery Bay will remain a wellspring of life and a source of inspiration.

Our Impact


  • Leading the way for innovative conservation and land management practices – crucial for adapting to constantly changing environments.
  • Monitoring of water, weather, plants and animals help scientists and government leaders detect differences before they become problems.

Shark Tagging and Monitoing | Lunch & Learn Lecture Series | Rookery Bay Research Reserve


  • Inspiring 3,000 students and teachers to be stewards of our coast
  • Educating 50,000+ people through eco-tours, classes, events and outreach programs

Summer Institute for Marine Science | Rookery Bay Research Reserve


  • Protecting hundreds of sea turtle nests from predators, giving thousands of hatchlings a chance to reach the sea.
  • Working to eradicate non-native, invasive plants and animals threatening Florida’s beautiful native wildlife, none more challenging than Burmese pythons.

Sea Turtle | Rookery Bay Research Reserve

Coastal Training

  • Educating more than 6,000 community leaders, business owners and elected officials about connections between coastal science, management and our local economy.
  • 99% reported increase in knowledge by training program participants while 92% reported applying information learned to their work.

Coastal Training | Rookery Bay Research Reserve

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