Briggs Boardwalk | Walking Trail | Shell Island Road | Rookery Bay Research Reserve

Nature Trails

There are currently 2 trails clear and open (Briggs and Monument Trail). They are different lengths and they do not have signage posted along them.


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Briggs Boardwalk

The half-mile boardwalk is a self-directed nature trail passing through five unique habitats from scrub to brackish ponds.

Experience the flora and fauna in each community of this path. With every twist and turn you may spot some rare birds, unique plants and other animals. Make sure to check out the Observation Deck where you can overlook just a small piece of Rookery Bay’s beauty.

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Monument Trail

Monument Point Trail begins near the end of the Shell Mound Trail at the Shell Island Road boat ramp and leads visitors to the Children’s Monument on the bank of Henderson Creek. The monument recognizes the efforts of school children involved in helping to raise initial funds for purchasing core lands around Rookery Bay in the 1960’s. This trail is frequently used by visitors to access recreational fishing on the creek.

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Guided Boat Tours

Discover Rookery Bay’s extraordinary wildlife on one of our naturalist guided kayak tours. Two-hour guided kayak tours let you explore backwater bays and mangrove forests and provide opportunities to see wildlife such as wading birds, osprey, fish and dolphins.