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Exhibit HallExhibit HallThe Environmental Learning Center's two-story exhibit hall shines a spotlight on some of southwest Florida's unique habitats featuring living and sculpted inhabitants, a glimpse into the world of research and restoration ongoing within the Reserve, and a tribute to the rich cultural history of the area.

Marine Life Touch TankMarine Life Touch TankVisitors to the Center will first encounter a sculpted giant polka-dot batfish (magnified at 10-times its actual size) just one of the hundreds of forms of marine life found in Rookery Bay. Up-stairs, a sculpted mosquito looms overhead, magnified 100 times its actual size. Five aquaria display live specimens of marine organisms found within the Reserve, and a "touch tank" (see calendar for schedule) invites willing participants to personally experience urchins, horseshoe crabs, marine snails and more.


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