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Cultural Richness

The second floor of the Environmental Learning Center highlights the cultural richness of the Reserve with more than 5,000 square feet of world-class exhibits.

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Mangrove Aquarium

The 2,300-gallon mangrove aquarium interactive centerpiece allows visitors of all ages to explore and expand upon their knowledge of Florida's estuaries.

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Marine Life

The 180-gallon marine life exhibit houses more than a dozen species of marine animals for guests of all ages to discover during regular visiting hours.

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Moon Jelly Tank

This exhibit allows visitors to see the details of moon jelly up close, within a circular tank that illuminates the jellies and keeps them floating in the water column.

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2-Story Exhibit Hall

The Environmental Learning Center's exhibit hall shines a spotlight on some of SWFL's unique habitats featuring living and sculpted inhabitants, touch tank and more.

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Watercolors by Kathy Spalding

Kathy Spalding’s 70-foot "Continuum of Life" watercolor is a vivid portrait of the wildlife that is one of Southwest Florida’s greatest treasures.

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Watershed Map

This exhibit shows two images developed using GIS as part of the Restoring the Rookery Bay Estuary project to improve our understanding of the estuary.

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