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Sue Miller is the latest recipient of our “1,000-hour Milestone” award. Born and raised in Iowa, Sue was a teacher in Iowa, Wisconsin, and Northern Kentucky before retiring in 2012. She started volunteering with Rookery Bay in 2013, helping out with events at the Environmental Learning Center. Since then, she has become instrumental to many of our field operations, donating time to our Team OCEAN program, sea turtle monitoring and fish research.

Sue enjoys and appreciates the time she spends with us. She loves volunteering and working with Reserve staff and fellow volunteers.

“As I tell everyone who will listen, Rookery Bay has given me a retirement beyond my wildest dreams! I am so grateful,” Sue says.

Sue Miller trawlingSue says that every time out in a Reserve boat is a new adventure – it is always fun and often physically demanding. Being out on the water is a feast for the eyes and heart. There isn’t a more beautiful place than Research Reserve and the Ten Thousand Islands - the clouds, water, vegetation, birds, water animals... Oh my!

According to Sue, trawling is always exciting because you never know what you will catch, but you can depend on seeing something you have never seen before and learning something new!

“My favorite catch is stingrays,” she said. “My deepest thanks, Rookery Bay, for being such a blessing in my life.”

Thank you, Sue Miller, for being such a blessing in ours.

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