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Ed MiraccoEd Miracco joined our volunteer team in January, 2010. He not only feeds our fish but he engages the public with science based information about the animals in the learning center and how they fit into the estuarine environment. He educates and engages our customers and takes time to answer all their questions.

When customers are fortunate enough to be in the learning center while Ed is doing his job, they ALWAYS leave smiling and having learned something new about the area we are trying to preserve and protect.
Ed has been a steady and consistent volunteer, feeding our fish every Thursday since 2010. The only time he misses Thursday is when he is on vacation or work is being done on his house! Even outside of our center, Ed has a knack for recruiting new volunteers while running on the beach on Marco Island.

miracco-olds-250Ed and his wife Kathy hail from the DC area as former federal employees. They often work as a team, and also enjoy spending their time re-enacting local historic figures, such as Drs. Charles and Mary Olds.

Ed's attitude and dedication to the reserve are amazing as is his dependability. We could not deliver the quality programing we have without the help of our volunteers and Ed has been such a great part of our team for more than 5 years!


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