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dickDick GinevanDick Ginevan possesses an incredible amount of dedication to understanding and learning from the natural world. He truly is a pleasure to have around the Learning Center and can engage visitors of ALL ages that walk through our facility. 

Thank you so much, Dick, for all that you do for the Reserve!

Length of time Volunteering at Rookery Bay: 5 years

Areas of Expertise: Interpretation through Guided Trail Walks and on-site presentations including Sharks of the Reserve, Touch Tank, Manatees, and Skulls & Bones. Dick also completed the Florida Master Naturalist Coastal Module, here at Rookery Bay!

Recognition: Florida Coastal Office (FCO) Volunteer of the Month for July 2014

Dick was recognized at the August Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon. Read on to learn more about him and why he is so special to Rookery Bay.

Dick has given well over 1,000 hours since beginning as a volunteer at the reserve in 2009. As a retired teacher and Park Manager, he shares his love and enthusiasm of Florida flora and fauna by educating countless visitors of all ages through the many programs and guided tours he does for the Learning Center. Dick goes above and beyond for his educational programs which are always inspiring and engaging.

Dick's programs are very professional, hands on and informative. He has received numerous rave reviews from not only visitors of our Learning Center but from professionals such as Dr. Richard Murphy, world renowned marine biologist who worked with Jacques Cousteau on Calypso. (Research Vessel, Calypso is a former British Royal Navy Minesweeper converted into a research vessel for the oceanographic researcher Jacques-Yves Cousteau, equipped with a mobile laboratory for underwater field research.)

Dick is constantly looking for more information on a subject and goes the extra-step to research on his own outside of time spent at our Learning Center. He has great vision for new programs and spends time on his own understanding the background knowledge of a particular subject. His presentations are very informative, but always include great interactive and visual representations of science concepts. His excitement is contagious!

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