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deb Deborah WoodsDeborah Woods has been a volunteer at Rookery Bay since 2010 and has given over 1,600 hours of her time helping in many areas of the reserve.

As a retired school teacher from the Baltimore area Deborah initially volunteered for family events such as Kids Free Fridays. Each week in summer she did a fabulous job with story time, playing her guitar, and singing. The children loved it! During the school year, Deborah has played a large role in assisting with our Estuary Explorers 4th grade program, guiding students through the oyster lab section of the program.

Deborah has since expanded her volunteer efforts to help in several other areas of the reserve including fisheries research, sea turtle monitoring, beach bird nest monitoring, and many outreach events. She is so dedicated she has even shown up at 5:30 am, with her kayak, to help excite TV viewers about joining our National Estuaries Day event. All of these assignments were met with a thirst for knowledge, and great enthusiasm, while being a tremendous help to staff.

As an avid and very experienced kayaker, Deborah is now very busy as a kayak assistant for our guided Kayak tours and also helps out with Team OCEAN boat-based education. She constantly has let our education department know we can always call her when we are short on help. Deborah is the quintessential, and ever-valuable, Rookery Bay volunteer!

Thanks Deborah!


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