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Thank You Volunteers at Rookery Bay!

We were pleased to honor our our amazing volunteer team during the "summer" Volunteer Appreciation luncheon, sponsored by the Friends of Rookery Bay at Sam Snead's. See photos on Facebook.

Congratulations to the following volunteers for reaching hour milestones:

100 Hours:

      • Murray Barnhart (ELC docent and Team OCEAN)
      • Tyler Beck (Sea Turtle Intern)
      • Cathy Mayo (ELC docent)
      • Becky Troop (ELC docent)

250 Hours:

      • Tom Marquardt (FORB board of directors, Team OCEAN) 
      • Andy Lindenmuth (Team OCEAN) 

500 Hours:

  • Patsy Barber (Team OCEAN, visitor services, special events)
  • Gary Lefebvre (Team OCEAN, trail team)
  • Barbara Clark (visitor services, special events)

1000 Hour Club:
  • Don Drake (Team OCEAN)
  • Jeanne Taylor (ELC docent)
  • Gwyn Goodman (visitor services)
  • Tom McGrath (Team OCEAN, education)
  • Sue Miller (Team OCEAN, visitor services)

2000 Hour Club: 

  • Dick Ginevan (ELC docent, outreach)
  • Jeanne Jones (ELC greeter, CTP)
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