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bromeliad 250Bromeliads are flowering plants that grow on tree trunks and branches. Also known as air plants, bromeliads absorb nutrients and water from the air and cause no harm to their tree hosts. They are found throughout Florida on rough-barked trees such as oaks, cypresses and pines. Their vase-like structure collects rainwater and allows them to serve as watering holes for small animals and birds.

There are sixteen bromeliad species found in Florida, but ten are listed as endangered or threatened. This is partly because they are often taken from their natural habitat.

Another threat to bromeliads is an exotic weevil from Mexico. It arrived in Florida on imported plants and has been spreading whenever infected plants are relocated. Learn more

The removal of bromeliads from state lands is prohibited to avoid further weevil infestation and potentially bromeliad extinction. You can help by leaving all bromeliads right where you found them. 

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