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Coastal Cleanup on Cape Romano 9 17 11 046 250pxTrash is one of the most visible kinds of pollution we encounter at the beach, in parks, forests and on roadsides. Most of us have learned from an early age not to litter, however trash often accumulates by accident. The garbage truck is one example of an accidental trash spreader: loose items can become airborne as the truck drives down the road. The end result is unsightly; however, litter is easily removed and even more easily prevented. To help reduce litter:

Bag household trash before placing it into the receptacle;

Be resposible for your trash away from home, i.e. fast food containers, balloons;

Recover lost or downed kites and fishing lines;

Carry a bag to remove trash at the end of outings;

Participate in beach clean-ups and Adopt-A-Shore programs.

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