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July 15, 2019

arizona850As an intern in the Communications department at Rookery Bay, my eyes have been opened to a different world. If you're like me and enjoy fishing, you're surrounded by a lot of animals and nature all the time. I have always appreciated my surroundings while out on the boat enjoying the salty air, vast waters and my favorite type of plant life - the mangroves.

Since I was a kid, mangroves always fascinated me. The way they are so strong, but yet so complex. Being on the water so often I never got to look at what's underneath the surface of the mangroves. I only zoomed in on the thought of where the redfish was and how I was going to catch my prize fish.

Walking into the Environmental Learning Center the “attention getter” is the large, 14-foot sculpted mangrove that is partially submerged in a 2,300-gallon aquarium. On the side of the aquarium, you'll find a climb-in "bubble" that puts you up close with the fish, and you can really observe how complex and crucial the mangroves are for providing the fish with a habitat.

The Mangrove Aquarium will always be my favorite exhibit because it offers visitors an experience that can only be found at Rookery Bay. It is unique, beautiful and incredibly detailed. Rookery Bay Environmental Center may be indoors, but this exhibit gives you a true feel of the environment surrounding it.

Arizona Birzgalis-Quintana, Communications Intern

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