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beachpicANWeek One: June 17-23, 2013

Being from Colorado, I have had my fair share of scorching hot summer days, but at my altitude the air is light and crisp. Upon my arrival in Florida I immediately found that breathing down here literally required drinking air. The first few days were brutal adjusting to the new climate, and the lack of sea turtle nests wasn't encouraging either. The first time I found turtle tracks, they led to a depredated nest that only had three eggs left in the cavity! Then, after tropical storm Andrea we checked all the nests only to find that many of them (including all of the ones on blind pass) had been inundated. So far, not a good season to be a turtle. However after the storm, things began to look up. We found and caged many nests, and even had a crawl on New Beach, which has barely seen any action yet. I even finished the online boating course so I can now drive the boats! Still need to practice my docking skills though, but I'm sure that will come as I gain more experience through this amazing internship.

  lizzyphoto100Lizzy Linsmayer

KellieFieldNoteWk1-editWeek One: June 17-23, 2013

This week was a week filled with interesting dolphin behavior. Being from a very landlocked town in Ontario, Canada, I am thrilled every time our turtle trips are sprinkled with dolphin sightings. To say that I was beyond thrilled this week to see a pod of 5 dolphins playing and socializing near Morgan Beach is an understatement. Though dolphins are known for their playful nature, males can become aggressive towards other males during mating season. What I originally thought was a pod of dolphins playfully splashing through the water looked to be something more as I saw that the origin of the splashing was actually two dolphins colliding with one another; a behaviour often seen in competing males. Though I could see no clear victor, the battle will likely have continued until the dominant male dolphin became clear to the on looking female dolphin and the loser retreated in defeat.

KelliePhoto100Kellie Heney

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