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KellieFieldNoteWk1-editWeek One: June 17-23, 2013

This week was a week filled with interesting dolphin behavior. Being from a very landlocked town in Ontario, Canada, I am thrilled every time our turtle trips are sprinkled with dolphin sightings. To say that I was beyond thrilled this week to see a pod of 5 dolphins playing and socializing near Morgan Beach is an understatement. Though dolphins are known for their playful nature, males can become aggressive towards other males during mating season. What I originally thought was a pod of dolphins playfully splashing through the water looked to be something more as I saw that the origin of the splashing was actually two dolphins colliding with one another; a behaviour often seen in competing males. Though I could see no clear victor, the battle will likely have continued until the dominant male dolphin became clear to the on looking female dolphin and the loser retreated in defeat.

KelliePhoto100Kellie Heney

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