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sea turtle hatchlingI had a great trip to Cape Romano recently to help check sea turtle nests for hatching activity. After a delayed start waiting for storms to pass it was a beautiful day.  I think I appreciated the beauty of being on the water even more after a recent trip to Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  There’s just no comparison to our beaches and mangrove coast! We found 2 nests that had hatched out, so we dug them up to confirm the results. We found one loggerhead hatchling still inside.  Sometimes, for whatever reason, not all the hatchlings make it out of the nest so that’s when we get to help nature along! I’ve been involved with sea turtle monitoring and research efforts for the past 17 years and seeing a hatchling is always an exciting and rewarding experience!

Learn more about our sea turtle monitoring program.
Jill Schmid



Jill Schmid, GIS Specialist

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