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Mystery clue

Walking along the pathway from the parking lot to or from the Environmental Learning Center is usually not a very exciting experience. But one day, not very long ago, an interesting discovery was made. Right next to the bricks was an oval-shaped ball of gray fur. There was no hint of blood or flesh, but bones and a jaw seemed woven into the fur. It sure looked like it had been a squirrel at one point, but a squirrel it was no longer. Someone, or something, had taken the liberty of rearranging the small mammal so that some of its bones were on the outside of its fur.

Intriguing as it was, that discovery was dismissed, until a similar furry wad was discovered about a week later in the same location near the path. The very next day, yet another fur ball, larger and darker in color, was discovered just outside the entrance to the ELC, right near the spot where the mysterious white poo-splats had been appearing.

A few days later, it was clear that the fur wads were as regular and prevalent as the poo splats themselves. OK, something is up. These clues did not seem to be related, until…

Stay tuned for the third and final installment of the mystery pooper investigation, or, "Whose Poos are These?"

Read the first installment here.

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