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With that sound so began the mystery.
Borne in darkness several months ago, the mystery was as confounding as it was repetitive.
It happened again!
None of us here actually heard the poo falling through the depths of the night, but, like a tree falling in the forest with no one around, it happened nonetheless. Signs on the courtyard paving stones most mornings let us know that we'd been hit again by the mystery pooper.
Splat! Splash!
Large puddles of white poo continue to be left by the mysterious perpetrator (poopetrator?) at the entrances to the Environmental Learning Center. Sometimes our photo stand out front would be hit and the dolphin or seahorse would be victims of the aerial barrage – they didn't complain but it often took a lot of cleaning to have it be a photo stand rather than a photo "stained."
Ok, now this is getting ridiculous.
Is nature making a statement about what it thinks of us? Should we be taking this personally?
'nother day. 'nother splat.
Who or what could be leaving these "presents" nearly every night?

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