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May 30, 2018

second chance 1 250Adam and I made it to Second Chance CWA for a brief survey today. The long skinny part of the sandbar lost the big sign and is shortening. We didn't get to land there, but saw no sign of least terns on it from the water. It looks like it may have gotten a little higher but more narrow and shorter.

The wider part has really changed shape. The part where we normally dock is higher then it used to be and piled all up with shells. Then there is a part that clearly washed over and lost a lot of sand. I wouldn't be surprised if the island tried to cut there, too. The section where most of our birds were nesting is intact, but a lot of sand is missing on the inland side. 

second chance 3 250

A lot of vegetation is gone now, although there is still some standing. The photo with Adam pointing was an area that was all vegetated and was where most of our Wilson's plover nests were located. The black skimmers are in scrapes in the same spot they had been before, but there are no eggs now. We saw two least terns, but they didn't look to be doing much of anything.

second chance 2 250Here's the amazing news: we saw two plover chicks, and I believe there may be another clutch with chicks as well! Unfortunately, we didn't have the time to do much of anything besides look around and take some photos before we had to get out of there (a storm was approaching) but it's very good to see that a few made it. 

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Col lauzau 180Col Lauzau, Avian Intern



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