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About two weeks into my summer internship, my new boss, Renee Wilson, who is the Communications Coordinator here at Rookery Bay handed me a sleek looking camera that I barely knew how to work and took me out on the trail to see what we could find.

We walked across the bridge and the summer air was warm and muggy, just as you would expect on a rainy afternoon in Florida. As someone who hasn’t been on many nature trails, this Roundpod st.johns wort250CCCwas all a new experience and I didn’t know what to expect. Despite this lack of environmental knowledge, I still tried my best to absorb as much as I could. Every time Renee pointed out different plants and trees that were growing around the reserve, I would quickly snap a picture a repeat its name to myself a couple of times until it became somewhat familiar.

Towards the end of this walk, I had thought I had seen it all. That is until I spotted a beautiful splash of yellow amongst all the green. Carefully, I leaned in and captured this perfect little flower on camera. We later identified it as a Roundpod St. Johns-Wort or Hypericum Cistifolium.

Looking back, I would say my first adventure out on these trails was a huge success! I can’t wait to get back out there and learn more about what Rookery Bay has to offer.


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Jamie Weller, Communications Intern 

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