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Snail Trail has recently been reopened, so Misa, Renee, and I decided to take an hour of our morning to go check it out. The trail itself is normally a bit longer but since we couldn't stay away from work too long, we decided to take the short route - and so can you if you decide to go!

With Renee as our guide, Misa and I got to learn a lot about the native plants and exotic species in the area. Renee’s extensive knowledge of botany added a touch of science to our encounter with the nature in the reserve.

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One of my personal favorites was the Golden Polypody Fern, especially because they are almost all reproductively active. This means a lot of golden polka dots under their many tiny leaves. 

Another important part of our trail was learning about the invasive Air Potatoes. These are not actually a species of potatoes, but a seed that resembles a small potato. At Rookery Bay we actually have a beetle that eats their leaves in order to contain their spreading.

air potato 300Along with all these, Snail Trail also has an observation bridge, which was a much welcomed resting point after a few several  minutes of walking. Although we didn’t use our GPS’, you can always bring yours and find some geocaches too!

Overall we had a great hour smelling the leaves and feeling the wind as Winter approaches. There’s no better time to experience Rookery Bay’s trails than on this beautiful Fall weather.

You can find much more information about the Snail Trail and its observation bridge here!

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