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team-ocean-note-250April 11, 2016

We observed the Second Chance sand bar from a distance and did not observe any boats, so Don dropped me off on Cape Romano and I walked from the pylons of the old dock to the tip for trash retrieval. One abandoned campsite sported many cans and a broken glass bottle in the charred debris. Back on the boat, we met some inquisitive paddle boarders by the domes, offering an opportunity for on-the-sea outreach.

Headed to Morgan Beach where I jumped off again. Picked up a discarded tire, and met a few shellers as well. As we were leaving, the Calusa Spirit arrived with about 30 people who disembarked there.

At around noon, we headed to Second Chance and did find two people shelling. They saw the signs but misinterpreted them, and left immediately after being informed. A second vessel approached, read the signs, appeared to consider them, but remained on a course to land. Admittedly, I wanted to see what they intended, but they were headed toward a large flock of birds and so we intercepted. I estimated about 150-180 least terns on the sand bar, though it is very difficult to see them from the boat.

deb-woods-100Deborah Woods
Team OCEAN Volunteer


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