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 K5K white-pelicans

I spent the afternoon of Sunday January 31st at the Second Chance CWA doing a bird survey with Rookery Bay/Audubon volunteers Jean Hall and SJ Kwiatkowska. It was a gorgeous day and we practically had the island all to ourselves. There were over 1,500 birds on the island with us, including 100+ threatened Red Knots and 15 Piping Plovers. 100+ American White Pelicans were also resting on the island. Not only is Second Chance a critical site for beach nesting birds, it is also extremely important for wintering/migrating shorebirds and seabirds. Remember to always walk around the large flocks of birds you see on the beach. Resting and foraging undisturbed is critical to their survival.

Learn more about Rookery Bay Reserve's partnership with Audubon Florida to protect wintering shorebirds.


Adam DiNuovo
Audubon Shorebird Stewardship Coordinator

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