Make a Difference

The Reserve’s sea turtle team monitors nests along the beaches of the Cape Romano Complex, and with your support, Friends of Rookery Bay’s Adopt-a-Sea-Turtle-Nest Program provides funding for resources, supplies and interns.

In 2019, we raised $12,500 and 104 nests were identified and protected against predation, resulting in over 5,139 emerged hatchlings!

Interns and volunteers patrol beaches every morning from May 1 through the end of August with support from Reserve staff to identify nests and install protective cages. Once the eggs hatch, the turtle team will return to remove the cages, excavate the nests and count the empty shells to determine hatchling numbers.

Sea Turtle on Beach | Rookery Bay Research Reserve

Adopt a Sea Turtle Nest

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A $250 Donation Provides the Following:

  • Your name on the cage’s “turtle tag” and the Adopt a Sea Turtle Nest Recognition Wall at the Rookery Bay Environmental Learning Center
  • An initial letter with details of nest location and date of expected hatching
  • A second letter with result of hatching
  • Invitation to the Sea Turtle Appreciation Reception

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Additional Levels of Giving

  • $5 Sea Turtle Egg Donation Level
    • Your name on the Sea Turtle Giving Wall
  • $20 Hatchling Donation Level
    • Your name on the Sea Turtle Giving Wall

Did You Know?

Your Donations Make A Difference!

Hatching success has increased by close to 100% since Rookery Bay Research Reserve started installing cages, which help prevent predation by raccoons or other animals.