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Rookery Bay Reserve encompasses 110,000 acres of coastal lands and waters, providing habitat for a wide variety of plants and animals. From barrier island beach and mangrove forest to freshwater marsh and pine flatwoods, these habitats enable animals big and small to fill a niche on land, in the air or under water.

Want to know what wildlife is here? These pages provide a brief natural history about some of the Reserve’s more noteworthy species and highlight on some of the lesser-known plants and animals that live here as well.


With its sub-tropical climate southwest Florida rolls out the welcome mat to invasive plant and animal species from around the world. Some species fail whereas others thrive, getting out of control without the natural checks and balances found in their native lands. Despite millions of dollars spent statewide annually on removal and control efforts many species persist in natural areas in virtually any habitat. As you walk the trails keep your eyes peeled and ensure you do not help these wiley invaders spread further.

Learn more about exotic plants in Florida.

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