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We offer a variety of workshops over the course of the year, including Green Industries Best Management Practices (GI-BMP), Mangrove Trimming and Regulations, Urban Lakes and Pond Plant Management, and more. For a complete list of courses offered, view our Course Catalog.

Green Industries Best Management Practices

The Green Industries Best Management Practices training was developed to provide landscaping professionals with knowledge, skills and tools to minimize the impacts of non-point source pollution related to their business practices.

The Florida Friendly Best Management Practices for the Protection of Water Quality by the Green Industries program, commonly known as the “Green Industries Best Management Practices or GI- BMP” was developed by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection in collaboration with the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences and the green industries.

The program promotes careful consideration of plant selection, irrigation, maintenance, fertilization and pesticide application that does not compromise Florida’s environment.

Green Industry in Naples | Rookery Bay Research Reserve
Fertilizer and Landscape Maintenance Training in Naples | Rookery Bay Research Reserve

Fertilizer and Landscape Maintenance Code Comparison Chart

Various local and state fertilizer and landscape maintenance codes can be complicated.  Greenscape Alliance had the idea to make a FREE resource- the fertilizer and landscape maintenance code comparison chart created to help understand these differences by making them clear and concise.

Please click on the image of the comparison chart to see the differences in rules for our local municipalities provided in English and Spanish.

Landscaper Certification Checklist

Southwest Florida is full of beautiful lawns and landscapes that are regulated by local laws and ordinances from the county and surrounding municipalities by requiring different means of certification. The GI-BMP will be the first step towards obtaining a higher education of how to engage in best management practices.

For a better understanding of the certification processes in Collier County, Naples and Marco Island, as well as obtaining the Urban Landscape Commercial Fertilizer Applicator and Limited Commercial Landscape Maintenance License (RoundUp license). Please elect to go through the checklist to increase your understanding and ensure you are in compliance with your county and local regulations.

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Greenscape Alliance in Naples | Rookery Bay Research Reserve

Greenscape Alliance

Since 2009, a group of local experts agreed to the common mission of protecting natural resources by promoting sustainable landscape practices in Southwest Florida.This collaborative effort was created to streamline community awareness, compliance, and education efforts related to the Project Greenscape trainings.

Mission Statement: Protecting natural resources through innovative strategies that promote sustainable landscaping and stormwater pond management practices in Southwest Florida.

Long Term Goals

  • Increase community awareness of Florida Friendly Landscaping (FFL) principles and practices
  • Increase knowledge and skills of landowners and managers, lake managers and green industry professionals
  • Contribute to/ support efforts to reduce nonpoint source pollution and protect water quality
  • Work collaboratively to support and promote FFL principles and practices

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