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Landscaper Training Programs - Project Greenscape Overview

Naples Bay aerialProject Greenscape originated in response to the City of Naples' desire to improve water quality in Naples Bay by reducing nutrient inputs through requiring landscapers to get training and obtain a license to apply fertilizer. It’s a partnership program between the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Collier County, University of Florida/IFAS Collier County Extension Office, Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve and the City of Naples. The main objective is to promote sustainable landscaping practices through implementing strategic, science-based education.

Project Greenscape offers a variety of trainings over the course of the year, including Green Industries Best Management Practices which covers fertilizing, watering, plant selection and pesticides; Fertilizer Calibration (Spanish); Urban Pond Management; Water wise and Other Irrigation Concepts; Proper Pruning Practices for Southwest Florida; and Good Plant, Bad Plant, Right Plant.

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Continuing Education opportunities

Collier County- Friendly use of Fertilizer on Urban Landscapes

To reduce the risk of fertilizer runoff and other improper landscaping practices from contributing to nutrient pollution in County waters, Collier County adopted the Florida-Friendly Use of Fertilizer on Urban Landscapes ordinance on July 26, 2011 (Ordinance 11-24). This ordinance regulates the proper use of fertilizer by any applicator, requires proper training of commercial and institutional fertilizer applicators and lawn services, establishes prohibited application period, specifies fertilizer application rates and methods, grass and plant trimmings practices, and exemptions

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City of Naples Landscaper Certification

The City of Naples recognizes the importance of water resources to sustaining the economic, environmental and human health of our community. To ensure adequate protection the City implemented ordinance 08-11972 that regulates professional landscaping activities and the application of fertilizer. According to this ordinance all professional landscapers applying fertilizer within City limits need to register with the City and obtain a Landscaper Certification.

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City of Marco Island Landscaper Certification

All companies that perform lawn maintenance, landscaping must have at least one supervisor plus 10% of field staff GI-BMP certified, plus have at least one GI-BMP staff member at each work location. All GI-BMP certified companies must be registered with the City of Marco Island and obtain a vehicle sticker for each vehicle.

For more information contact Dana Dettmar, Environmental Specialist, phone: 239-389-5023, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Checklist for Landscaper Certification Process

Getting all the certifications and licenses required to operate your business legally in Collier County, the Cities of Naples and Marco Island, requires a few steps that at times might be confusing, Project Greenscape has developed this easy to follow guide to assist you in the process.

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