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Final Reports

Four-page Project Overview (13 MB)
NEW! Final Project Report (8 MB)

Fact Sheets

Identifying freshwater flows (3 MB)
Understanding fishery trends (1.9 MB)
Identifying changes in aquatic habitats (3 MB)
Understanding local attitudes about water (4 MB)

Technical Reports: Hydrology

Existing Conditions and Natural Systems Rookery Bay Watershed Model including the Identification of Estuarine Inflow Goals (18.7 MB)
Henderson Creek Weir/Gate Operation Scenario (4.1 MB)
Belle Meade Agricultural Area Conversion Scenarios (5.4 MB)
Rookery Bay/Fakahatchee Bay Watershed Comparison (5.7 MB)
Compilation of Proposed Watershed Improvement Projects within the Rookery Bay Watershed (3.3 MB)

Technical Reports: Ecology

Literature Review of Existing Biological Data to Identify Potential Biological Indicators for the Rookery Bay Estuary (2.1 MB)
Benthic Habitat Maps for the Rookery Bay Reserve from Aerial Photo Interpretation (6.6 MB)
Submerged Aquatic Vegetation (SAV) Trend Analysis for the Rookery Bay Estuary (2.5 MB)
Historical Fisheries Data Analyses in Rookery Bay (1 MB)
Vegetation Mapping and Trend Analyses at the Rookery Bay Watershed Discharge Locations (2.9 MB)

Technical Reports: Social Science

Literature review of attitudes, beliefs and behaviors related to water and water-related decision-making (2.1 MB)
Qualitative Case Study Research on Attitudes and Perceptions of Stakeholders in the Rookery Bay Reserve Watershed (1.1 MB)
Research on Water Councils, Watershed Groups, and Watershed Management (0.5 MB)
Getting the Water Right poster (JPEG - 3 MB)
Four-page Project Summary handout (14 MB)

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Project Advisory Group

Project Advisory GroupEarly in the project a Project Advisory Group (PAG) was formed to advise and guide the research process. By the project's conclusion, the PAG included approximately 30 stakeholders with expertise in water resources management from diverse sectors including local, state and federal governments, non-profits, and the private sector. This group did double duty by vetting ideas in advance, and then reviewing final results after contracted projects were completed. 

By the Numbers

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