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The value of water differs among user groupsTo better understand water resources decision-making and to include stakeholders in the design and delivery of research and educational products, and to educate diverse stakeholders about water resources management, a range of activities were included in the project. Two social science research projects were conducted to identify the attitudes, beliefs and behaviors held locally about water resources in both personal and professional situations. This was the first social science research conducted in Collier County on watershed management.

The Project Advisory Group provided insights on the design and analysis of all major research efforts and assisted in sharing the information with others through supporting RBNERR staff in setting up meetings and presentations. A series of presentations were also given throughout the region, and information was shared through the creation of handouts for decision-makers, a poster for students and teachers, and an exhibit on land-use in the Rookery Bay watershed that was installed in the Rookery Bay Environmental Learning Center.

Download printer-friendly fact sheet (4 MB) about social science research on water attitudes


Literature review of attitudes, beliefs and behaviors related to water and water-related decision-making (2.1 MB)
Qualitative Case Study Research on Attitudes and Perceptions of Stakeholders in the Rookery Bay Reserve Watershed (1.1 MB)
Research on Water Councils, Watershed Groups, and Watershed Management (0.5 MB)
Getting the Water Right poster (JPEG - 3 MB)
Four-page Project Summary handout (14 MB)


View the technical reports produced as part of the Restoring the Rookery Bay Estuary project

Project Advisory Group

Project Advisory GroupEarly in the project a Project Advisory Group (PAG) was formed to advise and guide the research process. By the project's conclusion, the PAG included approximately 30 stakeholders with expertise in water resources management from diverse sectors including local, state and federal governments, non-profits, and the private sector. This group did double duty by vetting ideas in advance, and then reviewing final results after contracted projects were completed. 

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