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The SURVIVORS 7th grade program focuses on species interaction within the estuarine ecosystem of Rookery Bay; interactions critical to the survival of individual species and the health of the estuary as a whole.



Concepts addressed:Plankton Lab

  • Scientific Method
  • Ecology
  • Energy Transfer
  • Food Web
  • Diversity
  • Limiting Factors
  • Adaptation
  • Relationships Among Organisms
  • Disturbance
  • Data Interpretation

Pre-visits are intended to stimulate group interaction and engage critical thinking skills. These visits also prepare the students with enriched curriculum vocabulary as well as a sense of purpose for the field trip.

Once on-site, students and teachers will receive a short overview of the days plan and then be split into smaller groups for lab activities.

KEYSTONE LAB - Students learn the critical roles of oysters in the estuarine environment, and determine overall health impacts to the ecosystem.

CRAB LAB - Students explore diversity in crab species and relate physical and behavioral adaptations to determine individual niches.

PLANKTON LAB - Students compare sample sites, classifying the various components of plankton and drawing inferences about productivity based on their observations

SURVIVOR LAB - A serious of interactive games relating the needs of individual species and the limitations they face on a daily basis.


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