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Southwest Florida is a critical stopover site for thousands of migrating and wintering shorebirds. Pre-registration is required for these classes.

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Through the annual Breakfast With the Birds lecture series, participants can enjoy pastries, juice and coffee while learning about the biology and habitat of shorebirds and seabirds with Audubon Florida's Adam DiNuovo. Themed lectures on a variety of topics are offered monthly from May - Aug. 


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birds beach 250In Birds of the BeachAdam DiNuovo, Shorebird Stewardship Program Coordinator with Audubon Florida, will discuss the life history of these birds and the amazing journeys many of them make annually. Winter shorebirds are notoriously difficult to ID, so practicing the skills learned in this class is essential. You will learn how to use plumage, size, and behavior to help with identification. Classroom session is followed by a field trip to a nearby beach to practice new skills. Offered monthly from Nov. - April.

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