Jan Deswik | Brush Strokes Class | Rookery Bay Research Reserve
Paint the beauty of coastal Naples and the wildlife of estuary waters at Rookery Bay Brush Strokes water color painting class. Local Naples artist Jan Deswik offers step-by-step simple instructions and creative support perfect for beginners or anyone inspired by the coastal environment and wants to bring it to life in a one-of a-kind painting.

Each class spotlights a natural theme from shells to bird life to local waterways. Held in classrooms at the Rookery Bay Environmental Learning Center, all materials are included. Participants will complete a painted piece with matte at each session.


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Brush Strokes Infomation

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Artist Statement

Working primarily from mental images, memories and impressions I aim for an ethereal, dreamlike quality to convey an emotional experience rather than a mere snapshot of the subject. While my subjects are based loosely on scenes and experiences from the natural world, this abstract, interpretive style sharply diverges from the photo realistic portrayals more typical of watercolor artists.

Currently a resident of Naples, Florida, I take advantage of having lived and traveled in the Far East and draw upon the influences of Asian styles and techniques such as the vibrant colors of Japanese woodblock prints, the perspectives of Chinese landscape painting and the simple yet elegant images of sumie ink painting.

I want to draw you, the viewer, into the images prompting individual interpretation and a personalization of the viewing experience. Sometimes this is with unexpected use of color, shape and perspective, and sometimes it is the changes in the subject from everyday to memory inspired. What is important to me is what the viewer sees in a painting, what I could think about it is not remotely as interesting to me as what you tell me you see.

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About the Class

In the classes at Rookery Bay, we will be able to use the amazing charm of the plants, birds, aquatic life and vistas to capture some of the delight and loveliness. In our 2.5 hours for each class, we’ll get a brief insight into one of the residents and use that to create a picture.

These will definitely not be a photo realistic portrait, but rather a study or exercise to capture the energy and essence of our subject. We will also cover some of the technical parts of watercolor, as needed.

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