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Who is responsible for talking with the media?

The DEP press office and designated communication liaisons in the FCO Tallahassee and regional offices, such as Rookery Bay Research Reserve (RB), are responsible for talking with the media. All media inquiries should be sent to your communications liaison, who will then work through their appropriate procedures.

If a reporter contacts you

If a reporter contacts you about work taking place at RB or by RB staff, please refer them to RB's designated regional communications liaison.

  • If a reporter contacts you while you are in the field, rather than say that you are not allowed to talk to the media, you can explain to them what you are working on (collecting samples, conducting an inspection, etc.). Let them know that you need to get back to the job at hand, but your designated communications liaison will be able to answer any questions or gather any additional information need for their story.

Who responds to media inquiries?

Only a member of the press office or designated communication liaison will respond to a reporter's inquiry directly, unless it is a feature story about the Volunteer's efforts. When the press office or designated communication liaison facilitates interaction with the media to address the topic, a person from a division or program may be asked to respond to specific media inquiries or participate in an interview.

Speaking in public

DEP staff at RB are contacted regularly to speak at various organization's events and meetings. All speaking requests and PowerPoint presentations must be approved in advance by the designated communication liaisons, and the press office and FCO regional administrators must be email copied or informed. As an employee or volunteer speaking in public representing DEP, please note that many of these meetings may be recorded and therefore, there is no expectation of privacy with regard to the statements made or materials presented.

Remember, whether you are a DEP/RB employee or volunteer, always be media aware as you are representing the DEP and DEP position on any given issue. It is important to always be conscious of whom you are speaking to, what you are speaking about, recognize if you are the most appropriate person/office to address the topic and how that information is being relayed/perceived. When in doubt, always refer to your communication liaison or the press office.


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