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  • All potential speaking engagements must be reviewed by staff and assigned to the appropriate outreach volunteer
  • Any invitations to give a presentation relating to RB must be forwarded to Jeannine for approval before committing to the date
  • Once a volunteer is assigned a speaking engagement they will be required to provide the pre-approved presentation and appropriate outreach materials
  • Volunteers may use RB educational materials or artifacts only when they have been assigned to do so
  • Volunteers must wear RB logo shirt and nametag when they have been assigned to provide an outreach program
  • Volunteers may not represent RB or wear the RB logo at a public event unless they have been asked to do so
  • Volunteers must make it clear that they are a Volunteer when representing RB in person or in print/on social media, i.e. “I am a Volunteer Manatee Education Specialist at Rookery Bay…”


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